Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The FitbaThatba Fantasy Football Podcast - COMING SOON

Hello friends, I'd just like to remind you that you should all join our Fantasy Football League by emailing us a picture of your girlfriend's tits or alternatively by using this pin number


The reason you should do this is because we at fitbathatba are about to embark on a new journey through time and space to about 2003 when podcasts were popular.  In this forgotten land before time, not only will that dinosaurs mum not die, but also you will hear me (JJ) and a selection of people I either work with or know discussing fantasy football stuff.  I expect it will be utterly shite but who dares wins and it will give you something to do in the bath or when you're at work and meant to be doing something else.

As we can clearly see, I am no where near the top 20 at the moment but by god I will be soon maybe. The winner of the league gets a FitbaThatba tshirt which conveniently can also be used as a summer hat if you put it on your head, or as a flag if you want to try and invade a country.  

This is the team currently topping the table

So join in and then look out for when I figure out how to do podcasts because they are coming.  COMIN TO GIT YA