Friday, 24 January 2014

Ronaldinho is a playa

Ronaldinho caused controversy last week (which shows just how on the ball I am) when he posted a picture of some bitches.  Sorry I mean ladies.  All the sexism got to me

The Brazilian superstar has been criticised by some people, I assume are either fat or in need of getting pumped, for being disrespectful or distasteful after he posted this picture.  That's it.  Scandalous.  His brother said:
The photo’s of himself. What’s the problem?
Do I approve? I approve. What’s is the problem? He was on vacation, he is single, he is happy, he is at peace with life.
He was basking in the pool with women. Would it be any different is they were gay or transvestites?
You have politicians [in Brazil] who are stealing [from the public], but you are concerned with a photo of Ronaldinho?! It’s ridiculous. Brazil is full of problems and we are concerned about Ronaldinho’s holiday.
I don't get what the big deal is either.  If I could convince that many girls to hang out in my own swimming pool not only would my friends all I think I was super cool, but I'd also probably get to keep my job as a lifeguard