Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Congratulations to all of you who have survived long enough to read this.

You may have noticed that we haven't really written much recently and that is because it's hard to be millionaire sex gods, beloved by all, and write a shitty football blog and draw pictures. The youtube stuff takes fucking ages.

This coming year will mark a change in the way we do things round fitbathatba land. Rather than the 7 articles a day I tried to do this year, and you can pretty much see the exact time I gave up on that from the archive numbers, from now on we shall do slightly less and perhaps tell some stories with just pictures instead. Since every jerk and his dog has a blog now, and since there are 4million goons ruining the internet with shit youtube videos, and since the actual papers seem to have worked out whats interesting, and since paddy power pretty much either ripped off or thought of the same idea as us, and also also since we've been using the same jokes for 3 years and also because tits - for they truly are what nature is about.

I can also excitingly reveal that this year will mark the dawn of the fitbathatba fantasy football podcast! It will be utterly shit.

Thanks for reading last year, i'll try and keep being so hilarious. If you could all send emails to jack on the fitbathatba at address telling him he's a bellend, i would find that funny and he might turn up at your house.  Like a weird internet candy man.

Tl;dr writing is hard, no time, podcast coming, annoy jack

Love you babez x