Friday, 17 January 2014

Everyone hates Rangers

All those jerks I grew up with in a tiny Aberdeenshire village who chose to support The Rangers because they won stuff are finally getting the karma they were due, as Sevco United are once again in financial turmoil.  hah ha ah ah ah ah ahhhaha ha

Despite being in League One in Scotland, a division only slightly more prestigious than 'least ugliest dog' at Crufts, The Rangers have managed to amass a glorious wage bill of around £7.8million.  To put that into context, 8 out of the 10 clubs in the same division are part-time, which means unlike Rangers, their players all have real jobs outside of playing football and molesting their cousins at christmas parties.

Ally McCoist is particularly upset at the vicious fixture congestion they've been dealt as their professional players have been forced to play 4 games in very quick concession.  John Gemmel, who plays for Stenhousemuir had this to say about it (read from the bottom up)

These glory hunting bellends have done my tits in for years and years.  Man United being pish is great, but Rangers going under again is just fantastic.  Not that I'm biased in anyway.  If there's one thing I pride FitbaThatba in it's neutrality