Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dani Osvaldo has a sword or something

Dani Osvaldo has been suspended by Southampton for a 'training ground punch up' according to all the usual sources.

Look at that hispter bastard.  My god I want to have sex with him I mean reports from Southampton have seemed to indicate that the Italian did something bad which may or may not have involved a sword.  I don't know if he brought the sword to work, whether he found it lying around the training room or whether he had a sword at all... all I really want to know is why he had a sword.

"OK next it's free kick practise"
"Oh good I'll go and get my sword"

Seems odd.  I expect the papers will start going on a 'IT'S THE END FOR SOUTHAMPTON, THEIR PLAYERS ARE GOING MENTAL' because that makes people read them.  Try my betting sites if you'd like to find out the odds on whose head Dani Osvaldo plans on chopping off next.  He looks like a pirate that grew up being told David Beckham is his dad.