Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cornelius is going back to where he came from

Cornelius from Planet of the Apes, or Denmark as it seems to be known nowadays, has proven Malky Mackay was actually really shitty at transfers and is being sold for less than half of what he was bought for, back to his old club.  Well played.

I've honestly never heard of this guy but he cost Cardiff £7.something million in the Summer and was one of the reasons Vincent Tan had Malky Mackay murdered, or deported, or whatever it is he did with him.  Where is that guy now?

Anyway, Andreas Cornelius, which I definitely didn't have to just copy and paste to get his name right, is going back to space where he first came from over 300 years ago.  Unsuccessful in his mission to enslave the human race or even be good at football, he returns defeated and worth only £3million like some kind of peasant.

I have absolutely no idea how to change the line spacing on this thing, incase you were wondering