Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Anelka does bad gesture

As we've come to establish over the years preceding world war 2, Nazis are bad.  This is why Nicolas Anelka is in big trouble for doing an 'inverted Nazi' gesture to support his friend in France.

It may sound like a bad dance routine, but unlike the timewarp, the inverted nazi is heavily linked with anti-semitism.  Oi.  Zoopla, who coincidentally I had never heard of before this whole situation, have said that they will pull out of their sponsorship agreement IMMEDIATELY at the end of the season now that WBA have stated they will continue to play their star striker.  It's almost as if they want the publicity or something.

Besides Zoopla, I'd never heard of the quenelle either.  In fact the only time you usually here a frenchman say quenelle is when there’s a war on.  As in ‘(fu)quenelle, lets surrender immediately’