Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thomas Gravesen wins at life, has hot girlfriend

Ex-Everton and Real Madrid (remember that??!!!) midfielder Thomas Gravesen might look like a pokemon you rescue from an abandoned quarry, but by god he is good at life.

The Danish international retired at the age of 32 and was lambasted by the press for 'throwing his career away' and basically being a mess seeing as he was going out with a porn star at the time.

Cut to the year 2013 and Gravesen has amassed a fortune of €100m, lives in Las Vegas with a Czech-born American model who looks like this:

And has just retired again, at the age of 37.  The crafty genius invested a bunch of his football money in a bunch of financial businesses and they did rather well, enabling him to get women to ignore the disappointment of realising he isn't Lee Carsley.  Women that look like this:

The problem with life is that if you try and talk to Czech-born American models like that without being a former pro footballer with an athletically toned body and a wallet full of money and not receipts from Boots, you end up looking like this

So well played to you Thomas Gravesen, we are all very proud