Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Spurs are hilarious

Tottenham Lolspurs have appointed Tim Sherwood as their manager until the end of the 2014/15 season.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

official scenes from White Hart Lane yesterday
Battling brave Tim Sherwood has won the hearts of the Spurs faithful by successfully negotiating his team out of the League Cup and managing to beat an injury depleted Southampton.  Due to his brilliant tactical man, which includes controversially playing TWO players up front, Daniel Levy has seen fit to give him a contract that allows him to basically choose the team.  Like a strange evil puppeteer, Levy can now ensure that Adebayor gets a game during his annual phase of "giving a shit for 5 games" and can relegate all those terrible AVB signings to the reserves where they belong.

Meanwhile, as Spurs finish 8th and AVB gets a job in France or at Porto, winning domestic honours in his first year and doing rather well in Europe too, Spurs fans everywhere can lament the time that they had one of most coveted managers in football and fired him because he was doing about as well as could be expected of a team full of average.  Trying to get that Spurs squad to gel and be good enough to challenge the top 4 in 6 months was like when I gave that nerdy girl with potential an expensive make over, but then got rid of her when she hadn't been to the gym at all cos she was too busy in the Europa League or mourning the death of her parents or whatever it was she said.  Lazy