Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ronaldo has a museum of himself

Until this week the only good museums were ones that were about wars or dinosaurs, but now Cristiano Ronaldo has changed all of that by opening one about himself.

It's impossible to be bored while touring the Ronaldo museum.  If you switch off for even one second, the man himself nutmegs you and puts the ball in the top corner, before leaving with your girlfriend on the back of his motorcycle.

Even from a young age Ronaldo had the steely eyed glint of a winner, and he grew up to be proud and able to confidently show off his balls

LOL I MEANT FOOTBALLS.  I actually met this guy the other day who works with Adidas footballs and he said that one of his colleagues had a PHD in balls.  It was very hard not to laugh, which is why I did laugh.

Ahhh the Ronaldo wax statue.  The only thing to ever have come out of Man United made of more plastic than all of the fans.  And also Ryan Giggs mad shagging dildo.  Available now for 9.99