Thursday, 26 December 2013

Malky Mackay is still on the windup

Malky Mackay still has a job despite the fact that his very powerful and insane boss wants him dead.  Now he's told the fans that they can protest if they want

The Cardiff boss has had to put up with the eccentric millionaire funding a small town from Wales to reach the Premier League for a couple of years now, but since Mackay wants to keep improving he asked for some cash the other day.  Mr Tan took exception to this since he's already thrown a whole bunch at it already and now the fans are all annoyed because their manager nearly got binned.
"What they want to sing and what they want to say is down to themselves."
That's what the manager said - the equivalent of 'I'm going to walk forwards like this and if you happen to get in the way then it's your OWN fault'