Wednesday, 11 December 2013

John Terry went to Poundworld

Millionaire home wrecker John Terry did a bit of shopping the other day.  IN POUNDWORLD

That wee chap next to him is a Chelsea fan whose name is not important, but he was delighted to meet the former England captain doing some shopping.  He told Get Surrey, my favourite newspaper of all:
“My mate asked him if it was OK to have a picture. He was happy to let us. It was weird just walking in there and seeing him. 
“He had a lot of stuff in his basket but I didn’t really see what it was. When I told my friends they were shocked and wished they had met him as well. He’s probably one of my favourite players.”
So there you go.  This is what passes for news as we approach the year 2014.  Nelson Mandela is dead, people in the Ukraine are protesting and John Terry is buying stuff in a shop full of people that look like they buy the batteries there so they can eat them.