Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DJ Campbell maybe did match fixing

Footballer that no-one cares about, DJ Campbell, was in the news at some point in the last 7 days that we've failed to post anything on FitbaThatba for something about match fixing.

The current Blackburn striker used to play for Portsmouth and some other utterly shit teams and was released on bail, along with some others, after being questioned about match fixing.  All the papers are like "ERMAGERD" but when you think about it, if some scary looking guy came up to you and said "put the ball out for a throw in in the first 20 minutes and I'll pay you £50k and if you don't I'll stab you" you'd probably say "yeh alright then".

Plus, if you're going to let all these incredibly annoying betting sites tell you to BET NOW BET BET BET BET BET BET every 3 seconds on completely random things like 'yellow cards', 'times hit the post' and 'sexual assault success rate" then you're asking for stuff like this to happen.  Not everyone earns lots of money like Titus Bramble but then again not everyone is charged of sexual assault as often as Titus Bramble so maybe the two are linked.

The scandal isn't quite as bad as in Italy and Turkey which is almost as bad as watching WWE, with the difference being that not everyone involved knows it's fake.  Until we see Francesco Totti bringing a steel chair down over the top of an Udinese player's skull, it just won't be as exciting