Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Brazilian stadiums are not safe

The World Cup is just round the metaphorical corner, but round the corner there are no fucking stadiums built. Manaus' stadium is behind schedule, and has been condemned for it's lack of safety regulations and now the site has been rated "zero for safety".

I'm not sure the rating counts as it was done by the builders - I mean I can give the film "Goal 3" a rating of "the shittest film of all time" if I want, and I have. There have been two deaths at the work site recently, as the builders rush to finish the stadium before the end of the year. With the tournament starting in June, you think someone would step in and say "this is mental, people are actually dying" - but they didn't, so the workers have gone on strike. Good for them.

England of course are playing in Manaus and all the talk has been about the dangers of playing in the Amazon. Apparently there are other issues with being in the Amazon, such as crazy insects that eat your face, and transporting steel from Portugal - which is why the stadium is behind schedule. Playing in the Amazon could be beneficial for England, if Suarez, Cavani and the entire Italian team were killed in a tragic Piranha adventure in 3D, they might actually draw with Costa Rica.