Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Brazil fans know how to party

The World Cup is very near and Brazil fans have begun the celebrations by beating the shit out of each other.  Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy

A game between Atletico PR and Vasco de Gama was called off the other day after lots of fans started having a good old fashioned rammy resulting in 3 people apparently being left in a coma.

It was a sad way to mark the end of the Brazilian season but their league is absolutely goosed at the moment.  What a great idea then that authorities deemed the game a 'private event' thus requiring the clubs to provide their own private security forces instead of the police, who hung around outside.  No matter how disciplined and well trained you are, the minute 300 angry looking football thugs come running towards you is the exact same one that you realise you never really wanted to be a security officer anyway.

I don't think anyone has died yet which is good, and I would say that I just can't understand how anyone could get so angry that they want to murder a random person over something to do with football, but then auto correct changed the word 'rammy' to 'tammy' 8 times in a row and now I'm in a police holding cell.  Thanks, computer.