Thursday, 19 December 2013

Barcelona might have to pay lots more for Neymar

According to some online newspaper stories from today, Barcelona might be in a world of financial pain pretty soon.  I don't really understand it, so below the Neymar video is what the actual news site says.  I will explain what I think they mean afterwards

From The Daily Mail:
The Catalan Giants say they paid £47.8m for the Brazilian. Of this sum £14.2m to Santos and to the two investment companies that also part-owned the player as a transfer fee, plus a further £33.6m to the company N&N owned by Neymar and his father. 
Barcelona club member Jordi Cases has brought a suit against club president Sandro Rosell accusing him of misappropriation of funds and Judge Pablo Ruiz has given Barcelona five days to produce the relevant documentation to prove that the £33.6m payment was a legitimate commission.
Christ that sounds boring.  But basically what it means is that maybe Barca fiddled with who they paid for Neymar in the first place, and actually owe about another £50million to someone.  I can't work out who that is yet but it looks like they basically paid £33million to Neymar's Dad and Neymar.... and £14m to Santos.....

So my understanding is that if I go into the shop and buy some space raiders I pay the shop assistant 5p and then pay the Dad of the guy who invented space raiders 10p, and then I complain on the internet about space raiders costing 15p because they are supposed to be 10p and talking about things you used to remember is hilarious.  OMG DO YOU REMEMBER PAT SHARPE