Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wilfried Zaha smokes or something

I watched England Under 21s against San Marino the other night/week and Wilfried Zaha was absolutely shit.  Here are some pictures of him smoking

The pics are from our friends over at 101GreatGoals and that girl he's with is really hot.  I would go up to her and be all like "girl, you smokin' and I'd do it in that Jim Carrey voice from The Mask because girls really like that.  I read it in a book once.

Anyway then she would say, no I am not smoking, that is Wilfried Zaha who is smoking.  Don't you recognise him?  You saw him play against San Marino Under 21s and he was awful, but you are so good at sex please do sex to me now.  And then I would say 'I know', and I would wink.

I recently realised that I'm older than Olivier Giroud.