Thursday, 21 November 2013

We're off to an awards thing

Hi friends.

Jack and I are off to Manchester today (Thursday) to go to The Football Blogging Awards where we are nominated for Best Comedy and Best Video blog.  We will win neither because statistically we are incredibly outnumbered, but thank all of you who have so valiantly voted for us in the competition.

We may film some of it, but probably won't.  Either way, rest assured that we plan to have beer for all of you who voted.  This should add up to three beers so we will obviously need a paramedic nearby just incase.  This is our combined suitcase:

As I'm sure you'll agree, we need nothing else except luck, and the antidote to whatever those drugs the man down the bottom of the road gave me are.

We'll give you regular Twitter updates from the event so follow us @fitbathatba to see what happens.

Cheers for voting for us