Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roberto Di Matteo is getting PAID

Roberto Di Matteo may have been fired for being utterly shite several years or months ago or whatever, but that hasn't stopped him from being paid £130,000 every week by Chelsea!

The Italian managed to win the FA Cup and Champions League at Chelsea, until someone went into the game settings and changed the difficulty from amateur to legendary and ruined it for him, but hasn't taken on any work since his dismissal in the pre-Benitez world, which is one of the hidden worlds on Mario 3.  The Daily Mail said:
"The Italian was unable to reach a settlement with owner Roman Abramovich on his three-year deal when he was fired six months after winning the Champions League as interim boss.
"Di Matteo has already banked almost £7million and will continue to pick up the king-sized salary until June 2014, meaning he is reluctant to take on another job for less money."
Reluctant?  I bet the minute he got fired he couldn't believe his luck.  "So you're going to keep paying me my contract for me to not do anything?  Like anything at all?  Ohhhh woe is me I am so sad"

"Hello, the internet?  Can you book me flights to anywhere nice please?"