Monday, 18 November 2013

QPR might be fined all the money for having all the money

Queens Park Rangers are set to be hit with the "biggest fine in history" for losing too much money or something.  I'm not sure really, I got bored after the first sentence

Here is some stuff that I barely understand from the Daily Mail:
If QPR’s losses for the season are £80m, the fine will be about £62m. That would equate to roughly all of QPR’s Premier League income (if they are promoted) for next season. Even if 2013-14 losses are as ‘low’ as £60m, a fine of more than £40m would follow.

‘This is the first season in which clubs will ultimately face sanctions [for over-spending],’ a Football League spokesman told The Mail on Sunday. ‘Clubs have to submit their accounts for 2013-14 to us by December 1, 2014, with sanctions levied early in 2015. If a club being sanctioned are in the Premier League by then, the fine will need to be paid.’
I'm not really sure what these guys expected other than utter catastrophe when they started signing literally everyone any agent would offer them.  I felt sorry for a while but then I realised they are rich and as we all know, rich people can't get sad.

Agent: "Say I have uhhhh Mbia here for.... £100,000 a week?"

QPR: "That sounds like a lot.  Is that a lot?  It's a lot isn't it?"

Agent: "Oh no, he's usually a lot more but for you the price is cheaper because I am your friend.  In fact I'll even throw in Jermaine Jenas for £5million"

QPR: "Oh wow I've seen him on google before!"

Agent: "You're damn right.  So if you could just make that cheque out to my name... yep that's good.... nah just leave the rest blank, I'll fill in the price for you.  Well, see ya later!"

QPR: "Hey... wait a minute.... Jermaine Jenas isn't good!"

*sound of car driving into the distance*