Monday, 11 November 2013

Phil Jones: Everyone hates us, we don't care

Phil Jones claims that Manchester United are inspired by everyone's hatred of them, which is a lot of inspiration. 

Not just an impressive gurner, Jones also put in a great display of running into people and kicking a football. After the game he has said all the right things, "we are back in the mix", "dug deep" and countless other football cliches. However it wasn't the power of David Moyes and his murderous eyes, that turned things around, oh no. It was the rival fans' hatred of Manchester United that propelled them to victory. If I understand Phil Jones and his confusing face like I think I do, people throw their hatred at Manchester United and the players capture this and turn it into relish, which they eat for winning energy. I may have misinterpreted his interview. 

Not even the handsome Aaron Ramsey could get Arsenal back into the game. Perhaps he needs to watch our video about him? Critics called it, "Inspirational", "awe-inspiring" and "the best thing since Mighty Ducks 2". Arsene Wenger said,  "can I eat this?" - I think he was expecting us to give him a sandwich. 

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