Thursday, 21 November 2013

Orlando City Soccer Club is a thing now

David Beckham has officially announced that he wants to start a Miami team but now Orlando City Soccer will be the newest addition to the MLS, bringing a new meaning to the term 'Mickey Mouse Football'.

My favourite Floridian is Kate Upton, but besides her, the MLS is actually quite popular now and people really watch it.  This is almost entirely down to the fact that various sports manufacturers pay millions to TV shows to include soccer as a normal thing people do, so all of the people who watch TV just think that's what you do.  This is the power of TV.  In the same way that up till about 30 years ago all the American TV shows had characters that made fun of how stupid and boring soccer is

Soccer has been the butt of many American sports jokes, branding it slow and something that only girls played.  I think it's nice that a nation where fancy dress touch rugby league and advanced rounders with mullets are the most popular sports has finally come round to loving a game where the best player is a midget Argentinian steroids mutant.  That sounds like exactly the kind of thing I think they'd like!