Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mike Phelan is a true genius

Mike Phelan has revealed that he was actually in charge of Manchester United for the past five years and Fergie didn't actually do anything.  I am skeptical.

I guess it kinda makes sense since Sir Alex probably can't be arsed anymore, but I would imagine Mike suggests formations and substitutions and Fergie agrees with whatever sounds least stupid.  A bit like how most managers in most businesses work, you might say.  The Daily Mail wrote:
‘With the way things have gone, my first thoughts are to be the boss, yeah. It’s the progression for me now. 
'That’s what I’ve been doing for the last five years, albeit with the title of assistant boss,’ Phelan said.
‘He [Ferguson] was the head of the establishment, there’s no doubt about it and rightly so. He didn’t get to where he’s got through not being a big decision maker but he’ll be the first to admit that a lot of people played their part in that. 
'We all were undercover in that respect. We weren’t the face of what was going on but that was our job. There’s no problem with that from my point of view. The blinkers are off now because I’m outside of all that.
I like the idea that Alex Ferguson is basically an enigma - an icon sent to keep all at Manchester United safe.  Before he was around there was chaos on the streets of Manchester, but years of fighting have left him battle weary and bruised.  Someone else must continue his good work but his image must remain to keep evil out of Old Trafford.  He is.... THE BATMAN    I mean Mike Phelan

autocorrect just tried to change 'Phelan' to 'feline', which I think is a much better way to end this shitty article