Monday, 11 November 2013

Martin O'Neill Hates Paolo Di Canio

At one point Martin O'Neill was talked about as a potential successor to Alex Ferguson. Then he shat the bed at Sunderland and everything went tits up in O'Neill land. Sunderland thought replacing with him a psychotic facist was the best course of action, but it turns out fascism always fails and O'Neill really hates Paolo Di Canio.

Now manager of Ireland and with Roy Keane has his hired goon, O'Neill felt safe enough to lay into Di Canio knowing that Roy has his back and will stab anyone that tries to fuck with him. When asked about Di Canio, MON called him a "charlatan" and said lots of other clearly bitter things such as, "I think I would have garnered the five points necessary to have stayed up" - (which is probably true) and when asked about the players infamous Di Canio tomato ketchup ban, “I’m hoping at some stage or another that John O’Shea asks me at the dinner table to pass him the tomato sauce. I will empty it on his plate, along with the chips." - which sounds remarkably David Brent-esque. When asked about his thoughts on Phil Bardsley he said, "he's thrown a pair of shoes over a pub, what has Di Canio ever done?"

It's always a dangerous game to write about MON, apparently he really likes to sue people. Another interesting fact is that if Martin O'Neill was the same size as an average human, he would be able to jump over 20ft in the air. I might be confusing Martin O'Neill with a flea.