Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Luis Suarez ruined his own transfer

Luis Suarez felt very sneaky when his agent accidentally let slip that there was a 'over £40million' release clause in his contract at Liverpool, until someone showed him that he had actually removed the clause himself in earlier negotiations.

The Daily Mirror says:
The get-out figure had been included in the five-and-a-half year agreement Suarez signed when he arrived from Ajax in January 2011 for £23m.
Reds bigwigs had been happy to leave it in Suarez’s contract when the two parties sat down to restructure his deal in the summer of 2012, but [his agent] decided against it.
Bravo.  I did think it was actually very funny offering £1 more than the asking prize to trigger that release clause but this makes it a little bit more silly.  It actually makes my little Arsenal sketch seem fairly accurate if you consider that there was no way that bid would ever work

Suarez may be world class but he's still a racist who bites people.  I just don't think you should be spending such large amounts of money on someone who does things like that.  Unless it's family, and the bail is about £600 or something.  Hint hint.

I wish my family read this.

no wait, I don't.