Monday, 4 November 2013

Jonjo Shelvey is evil

The evil Jonjo Shelvey did a swimming motion during the incredibly boring Wales derby that happened yesterday.  People from Cardiff cannot swim so they are very angry.

The Daily Mail explains what the swimming thing is:
It’s a reference to September 1988, when Cardiff beat Swansea 2-0 at the Vetch Field (Swansea's old ground) in a League Cup game. Legend has it a group of 30 Cardiff fans were chased into the sea by unhappy natives and the only way for them to escape was to 'swim away'.
Legend has it?  Really?  Legend like Hercules?  Legend like I Am Legend?  John Legend?   I don't think so.  Jonjo might have found himself in hot water though because according to about two newspapers he could have incited a riot and that is something that most people want to avoid.  Except for the Kaiser Chiefs because then they could say 'I predicted that' and there would be more than 0 reasons to have all of them euthanised for crimes against humanity