Monday, 11 November 2013

Italian Football is normal: "Derby of Shame"

Football derbies are famous for fans acting like twats, however a game in Italy's third tier may have set a whole new standard in fan twattage. 

A Lega Pro match between Nocerina and Salernitana was abandoned after 21 minutes as Nocerina only had six players left on the pitch. Nocerina fans were banned from the stadium for being a bunch of mentals. Apparently a group of fans travelled to the game anyway, just to politely tell their own team's players not to play. They did this by politely invading the team bus and politely telling their players they would kill them if they played. "Listen up chaps, if you go forth and proceed with this folly, we may be forced to put a cap in one's ass" - or however you say that in Italian.

Nocerina made all three of their subs in the first few minutes, for tactical reasons of course. Sadly a few of their players picked up injuries and had to come off, leaving the team with only six players after only 21 minutes. You see the players didn't have time to warm up because the game was delayed because of a huge queue at the McDonald's drive-through and this was nothing to do with the rumoured death threats. 

The entire board of Nocerina directors have now resigned and the players have been ordered not to speak to the media. An investigation has now been launched into the media tagged "Derby of Shame", but I think they are wasting their time. They should focus more on the real problems in Italian football, like racism and El Shaarawy's hair.