Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hull City offer refunds

Hull City fans are absolutely furious about the name of their club being changed from Hull City to Hull Tigers, even though that name is totally ace.

The move is designed to make the club more marketable, since every other club is called 'City' or 'United' and absolutely no-one wants to ever have to go to Hull.  The chairman has been under criticism for 'ruining' Hull's club by getting them in to the Premier League and trying to make them enough money to compete, so he said:
"Dr Allam has made this offer in light of the confusion that followed the recent meeting with supporters' groups and the fragmented messages that have emanated since that meeting," it said.
"That meeting closed with one of the representatives requesting the opportunity to develop alternative commercial models and nothing has yet been presented to the club."
Exactly.  Stop fucking moaning about stuff changing unless you have a better option.  Football fans are the sort of folk who would have kept inventing faster horses rather than the car and then moan about there being too many horses on the road once they're forced to buy a car.  And also they moan about Facebook changing.  Do people still use Facebook?