Monday, 4 November 2013

Hugo Lloris is in the DANGER ZONE

Handsome manager Andre Villas Boas showed his true colours this weekend by not substituting Hugo Lloris even though his HEAD CAME OFF!

Lloris was involved in a clash with swamp monster Romelu Lukaku, who hit him on the head with his knee so hard that he injured his knee.  Knees are much less important than skulls, according to science:
brain injury charity Headway said the club showed an "irresponsible and cavalier attitude" to Lloris's health
That maverick... he just wants results dammit.  Dazed and confused, Lloris woke up from his unconscious state and played the rest of the 0-0 game with Everton, defying brain fans who wanted him to lie down and not die.  What they're forgetting is that AVB is no scientist, he's a maverick.  Something about the danger zone.  Naked volleyball with dudes.  Why are they naked?  I don't know.