Tuesday, 12 November 2013

FIFA are money hungry jerks

Tickets for the World Cup in 2014 are very expensive and that's why FIFA have decided that it should cost you £25 to pick them up even though you've already bought them.

The FIFA website says:
After months of comprehensive market research, FIFA is pleased to announce details of the ticket delivery conditions for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

But what they mean is:
After 20 minutes of sitting down in the same room, FIFA bosses decided that rather than make no money for delivering tickets people had paid for, they would rather make lots of money
And so if you have bought tickets now you get the privilege of buying them again.  This is like having to pay a charge at an ATM except instead of just looking for another one that isn't in some ropey corner shop, you're in the middle of Brazil, and you really want to go to the world cup.  The last time a fat man put so much effort into stopping me complete something was the last boss in Sonic 2.