Tuesday, 12 November 2013

BT Sport own football

BT Sport have won the rights to ALL of the Champions League and Europa League matches from 2015.  It was quite expensive and now Gary Neville is all sad

The new sports broadcasting company paid just about £1billion for the rights in total, more than doubling what ITV and Sky paid last time.  From Financial Fair Play:
To put this new deal in perspective, in 2011/12, UEFA received £906m in total for the TV rights for the Champions League (£735m) and Europa League (£171m). Of this, £144m (16%) came from England (£133m for CL and £11m for EL). Under the new deal, BT will pay UEFA £299m each year for both competitions.
To put this further into context, this is like trying to buy your child a Buzz Lightyear toy for Christmas on eBay and you bid just over what it's really worth because you know eBay!  But then in the last 5 minutes you're half way through an online game of FIFA and  you can't quit because then you'll lose points and it's hard but then you see some asshole bid £1billion on the toy.  You search around your room for a bit but you definitely don't have that lying around, and then your opponent on FIFA scores from a corner.

Actually scratch that, to put this better into context, this is like BT Sport scoring a goal from a corner on FIFA when Sky were dominating the match the whole time.  You have no-one to blame except yourself.  But you're still definitely going to blame the game and bite the controller I mean not do that.