Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bendtner is a lad

Nicklas Bendtner was arrested last week on suspicion of criminal damage after allegedly breaking into his own swimming pool.

The Danish superstar was entertaining some family or friends and DEFINITELY WASN'T PISSED when he decided that he really wanted to go for a midnight swim.  In my past experience, the only time that midnight swimming becomes a good idea is somewhere between the end of the 5th game of beer pong and the bit where I wake up, but that's just me I guess.  The Daily Mail has some really good photos of Bendtner definitely not hungover:
Bentner was arrested for allegedly trying to kick down the door to the gym at his luxury apartment block in the early hours of Sunday morning. 
And CCTV footage shows a group of people gathered around an external door to the leisure complex at 1.09am. The footage shows several attempts to kick it open by two men. 
A camera inside the leisure reception area then picks up what looks like a man who has entered through a smashed window. He tries to kick open the locked door to the gym.
Ahhhhh good old Bendtner, what a hero.  He's not the first Premier League player to get in trouble for smashing in someone's backdoor though.



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