Monday, 18 November 2013

Alex Ferguson never makes mistakes, except the 45 in his book

Alex Ferguson recently released another autobiography because one just wasn't enough. Some really boring bastards noticed lots of mistakes. So many mistakes, that one really angry nerd was offered a refund.

If you want you can watch JJ and I reading Fergusons book below.

I love that the publisher said, "Although a very large number of corrections were made we plainly did not pick up everything". Something about, "a very large number" makes me laugh, a lot. It would seem that our videos were more accurate than we realised. Fergie obviously did what we did and just got drunk and made shit up. Some are mundane such as Ryan Giggs was actually 17 when he made his debut, not 16. Others were hilarious - he said Heinze and Veron had an argument, when actually they never even played in the same United team.

Imagine the ghost writer sitting there in front of the fireplace listening to Fergie -"Aye and then one time Brian McClair had a few too many drams and ended up punching that lad from the TV. Aye you ken the one I mean? Had that fucking wee duck...Ed was his name. Andi Peters! Aye, Andi Peters. I thought it was strange that he was training with us but he was good in goals so I never complained. I eventually kicked him out when I saw him naked with Ed the Duck in the changing room. This is Manchester United, we have standards".