Monday, 25 November 2013

Aguero has scored more than Spurs

Sergio Aguero helped Man City absolutely Pardew Tottenham Hotspurs on Sunday, and in doing so scored his tenth goal of the season, meaning he has now scored more goals than Spurs.

The small-ish Argentinian is now also the most lethal per minute striker in Premier League history, with a 119 minutes per goal ratio making him better than 'that guy', 'someone else' and 'Alan Shearer'.

AVB was very upset with his Spurs side and said they should be ashamed.  Jan Vertonghen agrees:

To be fair, that Jesus Navas goal in the first 13 seconds is absolutely ridiculous - there's not much you can do to stop shots like that. The subsequent destruction however could probably have been avoided, had AVB not spent all of the money under the sun buying a bunch of folk that were good in the last Football Manager game.  You know when the power goes off in your house for like a nano second and the lights go out and youc an't tell whether you've just blinked or not?  That's AVB trying to Force Quit and Reload real life