Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Wilfried Zaha is maybe shagging David Moyes' daughter maybe

There are rumours in internet land at the moment that the reason Wilfried Zaha hasn't been playing for Man United is because he banged David Moyes' daughter.  LET'S INVESTIGATE

There's a photo of her from Twitter and fair play to you Mr Zaha, if the rumours are true.  Zaha, predictably has denied it, by saying:

But we've all denied rumours about ourselves and been lying about it so who knows.  The most likely time to deny a rumour about yourself is when it involves you having shagged someone you shouldn't have... like your boss' daughter for example.   I can totally relate because I've often had to deny rumours about girls I have taken home.   Generally that's because a judge has asked me and it would be detrimental to my freedom if I didn't