Thursday, 31 October 2013

We got nominated for an award (s) (two awards)

FUCK YEH WE DID!  Thanks to all of you who nominated us, The Football Blogging Awards have somehow had enough votes to put us in two categories at this year's event.  WAT


Here's a video of when we won last year (just found it) but didn't go because first of all we were sure we wouldn't win, and secondly because we didn't know if it was a real event.  It turns out that it really is, and is held in the National Football Museum.  Also it's sponsored by heaps of actual companies and Copa90 film it.  So..... we kinda missed the boat on that one.

This year we want to get really really really really drunk and win again, so when you're bored at lunchtime, or right now, or even doing your shit office job, please vote for us in the Best Comedy Blog category and/or the Best Video Blog category.

Only do this if you believe we truly are the best though of course.  Otherwise your soul will be tarnished.

One small problem is that this is determined by public vote, so if we lose it is because people like KSI (he's nominated too) and the FIFA Playa have substantially more Twitter and YouTube subscribers than us.  It could also be because our crappy blog sucks but whatever, we love doing it anyway.

So please VOTE FOR US HERE.  It's a bit confusing but you've been coming here for three years now you ungrateful jerks.

Here's the full video we sent it for when we won last year as well.  It's harder this year so you still have to vote if you want to see us be idiots at an official ceremony.

Genuine thank yous from JJ and Jack, we really appreciate you getting us nominated.

love from JJ and Jack xxxxxx