Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wayne Rooney hates midfield

Wayne Rooney is in the news today telling everyone about how Alex Ferguson had the audacity to play him in midfield and this was just plan wrong dammit

The Man United forward told some reporter that the reason he fell out with his old boss was because he wanted to play upfront and score all of the goals:
"I got told to play in midfield and I didn't want to," said Rooney.
"I just think there had to come a point when, for my own career, I had to be a bit selfish really."
I feel the same way Wayne.  Just a year ago I was working in retail selling things to people I hate and I said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and so I walked out of that job and I felt free.  And now, only several months later, my neighbour has discovered that I have been living in his attic this whole time