Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sunderland hire mental lower league foreign manager

Sunderland fired Paolo Di Canio recently because they realised he was bat shit mental but luckily for Sunderland fans they've replaced him with someone who is bat shit mental

The ex-Brighton manager was famously fired from his last job on live TV because he refused to commit to the club at any point and also because someone pooped in the away dressing room against Crystal Palace I think:
"The time of Paolo has come to an end. We are all different. You cannot compare me to anyone. I am not better or worse, I am different"
If this guy is no better than Paolo Di Canio then this season is going to be absolutely hilarious.  This is the Sunderland supporting equivalent of watching porn online when you realise your girlfriend is the girl on the couch and in the background you can see Gus Poyet writing 'CUNT' in his own shit on the walls.  In the corner, just out of frame, Di Canio talks to a skeleton that he believes to be Michael Parkinson