Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Steve Kean is back

The world's greatest manager is back ladies and gentleman. Where you ask? Real Madrid? Inter? Brunei? Yes, Brunei.

While everyone else is focusing on Alex Ferguson's book, Steve has been out there getting his hands dirty. Growing potatoes and harvesting crops. Some other managers may consider themselves "above" the Singapore S-League but not our Steve. Brunei DPMM are currently 7th in their league, out of 12 clubs and the league finishes in November - so it's the perfect time for Keano to step in and work his magic.

Back in July Kean said:
"I have no preference really. I'm just to open any good offers."
Some would say that's desperation, others would call that...desperation. Kean calls that being open-minded. Somebody somewhere in Singapore said - "we want to change our style of play". I'm not sure if they know who Steve Kean is, maybe he told them he was Robbie Keane and he was up for the role of Player/Manager? Maybe he told them he was the band Keane and he's wants a fresh new sound for their new album, after getting bored of cocaine and rehab.

What they are getting is Steve Kean, a man who is so awful at life, he was sued by Sam Allardyce.