Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Scotland are embarrassing

As two Scottish people watching the England game last night, we missed another of the Tartan Army's great victories.  Gordon Strachan led his men to a 2-0 win over Croatia, who are really really good and the coach was so embarrassed that he hung himself.  Or quit.  Or got sacked.  Either way it sucks to be him

Igor Stimac said he would quit at the end of this campaign because despite having players like Luka Modric in the team, Croatia have failed to beat Scotland twice.  It is this kind of humiliating form that led to Croatia instead sacking him before he had a chance to:
"We received nothing from him in written or verbal form on the flight back or afterwards, hence he was sacked."
And that was from Davor Suker, who as we all know, is famous for lobbing Peter Schmeichel in Euro 96.  Ahhh poor Igor.  I can kind of relate because my last work also offered me the chance to resign instead of being fired because it would 'look better on my cv' but I stood up for my morals.  I don't know want to live in a world where nudity and care for the elderly can't be combined