Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ravel Morrison and Zaha love each other

England under 21s beat Lithuania or Latvia - definitely a country with an L - 5-0 last night and the highlight was when Ravel Morrison decided to try and make love in the middle of the dance floor

Morrison has been praised for a "new found maturity" which involves not fighting, intimidating or mugging other people but Wilfried Zaha didn't believe the hype.  He rattled Morrison's cage by suggesting that he should 'fucking pass the ball' because at the age of 20, he's still a class above everyone else like he was in school

There's no wonder that Morrison became a little asshole.  Everyone remembers that one kid at school who was so good at football he would never, ever pass it, and on the seldom occasion he did it was because he was busy lighting a cigarette but this guy is doing this at international level.  At least there is still a world where you can be congratulated for not infringing other people's human rights like the one not to be assaulted on the street by someone wearing a hoody and riding someone else's bike.

Until the day that criminals are rewarded with prizes for managing to overcome their desire to be a scumbag, I believe everyone should adopt a criminal now and feed them ricicles because a healthy breakfast is the most important part of the day.  Unless you are diabetic in which case taking insulin is