Thursday, 3 October 2013

Racist News!

There hasn't been any racisms for a while, so I did what anyone would do when looking for some racist news, I went to the Daily Mail and found some.

Some spurs fans call themselves the "yid army" so this is a complicated racism. It's like when rappers call each other that n word that isn't naggers. Is it racist? I guess it is. Anyway, Spurs fans have been warned by the police squad, that if anyone dares use the word "yid" whether in jest or not, they will be sent to the jail house -which sounds cool when Elvis says it, but apparently it sucks balls. David Baddiel doesn't like this topic because he's actually a jew, maybe we should listen to him - although he apparently supports Chelsea and they hate black people. This is a minefield!

Other racist news comes from Arsenal. Some guy called Jack Jebb is apparently the next Jack Wilshere, even though he's 18 and Wilshere is like 22 or something?  Jack Jebb, who has a ridiculous name, has racially abused an opposing player and received a four match ban and an £1,800 fine from the FA. I have no idea what he said, but I've seen pictures of him with black people so I'm going for not guilty. Jack is described as a wonderkid, so if life was Footballer Manager - I would buy him or get him on loan for Aberdeen and win the league. But life isn't Football Manager and I'm actually in my office right now, by myself writing this when I should be doing actual work. Is this real life? If it is, I'm about to get fired.