Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pardew might be getting sacked

Newcastle United haven't been doing that well recently and that is why Alan Pardew is a bit worried that he might get fired in the next few days.  LONG LIVE JOE KINNEAR

When he isn't busy shagging his way round the town ALLEGEDLY, good old Pardew is remembering that time he won Manager of the Year when he managed to get his ramshackle team of starlets to finish 5th in the Premier League.  Those days are long gone now and it looks like Pards has been found out again.

I, for one, am incredibly excited for when Joe "I love heart attacks" Kinnear gets to take charge once more and has to work out what on earth to do with a bunch of French boys he has absolutely no clue about.  It's like putting Popeye in charge of a nuclear submarine - just because he's a sailor doesn't mean he can navigate complicated military aquatic equipment.  And instead of spinach.. he just has defibrillators.  This is the worst analogy I have ever done