Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Paolo Di Canio spat in his own face

As we have now established, Paolo Di Canio is completely mental and thanks to treating his players like a cartoon army general from the 70s, is now out of a job.  Unfortunately for him, his unique style of team talks wasn't very good

According to the Mirror, good old Paolo had grown tired of simply shouting at his players and had to resort to more Shakespearean techniques, passed down to him by his father:
Di Canio took a drink of water, sprayed it upwards, let it fall on his face and rubbed it in. He did this a few times in front of his shocked men.
Then the Black Cats' under-pressure boss told his team “that is what you have done to me, spat in my face” before telling them to do it to themselves.
After this tirade of nonsense, the entire team basically told him to fuck off, to which he replied "GO TELL THE CHAIRMAN MWA HA HA I AM INVEENCIBLE" and then they said "ok we will".

And so they told the chairman that they were being systematically bullied by their boss and were being forced to work in an abusive work place, so he was fired.  This isn't capitalist Russia anymore you communist!  I would like to have seen what next week's team talk might have been like if they'd lost again tbh, I think he'd probably just have had to resign after ramming a broom stick up his arse and telling his team "that is what you have done to me! Why don't you take me out for dinner next time before you fuck me?!"

It would just be really funny to walk in a dressing room which is basically a scene from the end of Fight club.