Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nigeria is fun


If you study this league table from the Nigerian league you will discover that there is a rather large discrepancy between home and away victories, in that the away form for every single club is more or less 0 wins.  Now this could be because those teams just aren't set up appropriately for away fixtures, but it could also be because clubs have to deal with (The Guardian):
violent crowds, questionable refereeing and, indeed, travel itself. Arriving just before kick-off after long road trips, often on hazardous surfaces, is far from ideal preparation for players. And they do not always arrive. Last season two matches were postponed when first Sunshine Stars and then Wikki Tourists were robbed on their way to games
Even still, this is essentially what travelling fans have to deal with when we go to Dundee.  There must be other reasons:
Referees must contend with fans too – for the men in the middle being beaten up is not so much a risk of the job as an inevitability
And that just sounds like lower league Sunday football.  I can't believe that Nigerian football would be corrupt either because even the amateur teams are so good they don't need to cheat.  Why, only last year, Plateau United Feeders' and Police Machine were unfairly suspended for winning 79-0 and 67-0 respectively to qualify for a professional league but I think the most important thing to remember here is that Police Machine is the greatest name for a football team I have ever heard