Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Newcastle hate freedom

Newcastle United have made a bold step to remove the right to free speech from our lives by banning all of the newspapers that wrote nasty things about them.

The Evening Chronicle, The Sunday Sun and The Journal have all been banned from St James Park for printing 'excessive' coverage of the anti-Mike Ashley demonstration last weekend.  The Daily Mail wrote:
'During Pardew's post-match press conference, journalists from two of Newcastle’s respected local newspapers were told they couldn’t ask questions.  
'Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has by all accounts taken exception to coverage of a recent protest march and has decided to withdraw ‘privileges’. 
'Such a policy is as unwise as it is childish and it certainly won’t help his club establish the upwards trajectory they so badly need.'
When they say 'excessive coverage' they of course mean 'coverage' and Newcastle don't seem to have taken into account just how much of a struggle it is for a local newspaper to actually have any relevant news that doesn't involve someone's cat winning a fashion show or another old person dying.  I hope they go all the way and turn Newcastle into a communist state like North Korea where the press print propaganda, all the inhabitants are deluded, and it is a commonly held believe that their great ruler will lead them to glory.  wait a minute