Thursday, 17 October 2013

Harry Wilson makes his granddad rich

When Harry Wilson was just 18 months old his grandpa was so sure that he'd play for Wales that he bet £50 on it and NOW HE IS A MILLIONAIRE HA HA AH AHA HA WH  H  HAA H  he won £125,000

Young Harry won his Granddad the money after playing four minutes in Wales' 1-1 draw with Belgium this week.  The bet, made about 14 years ago, was done by asking the head office of a  William Hill for odds on the striker playing for his country at some point. 2500-1 is what he got quoted and so rather wisely he invested £50 of human money, and then by a process of bullying and constantly pressurising the child into playing football every single minute of every day for 14 years, he eventually won his cash.  It's a heartwarming tale, like a footballing version of Josef Fritzl... ON ICE! coming to a theatre near you