Thursday, 10 October 2013

Harry Redknapp is 'that' kid at school

Harry Redknapp has been talking to a Daily Mail journalist recently and telling him all of his life's secrets.  It would be fascinating stuff if it weren't for the fact that most of it appears to be either wrong or made up.  The other stuff is good though

He makes some valid points in his auto-bio-novel like:
"I don't think they spend enough time coming home from school playing football until it got dark - that's what we did. I think that's the biggest problem."
There is referring to children, not the goblins that used to live in his house.  As a small example of Harry's story telling, and I hasten to add that I've met him and he's absolutely delightful, one journo informed me that he'd injured his hip/knee playing golf, and another journo told me that he did it on a treadmill.  Cos that's what he'd told them.  Redknapp said:
“All the senior players seemed to be up for me to get the job. I got quite a few text messages at the time from players saying they would love me to manage England: Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry.”
Cue Steven Gerrard:
“I didn't text Harry Redknapp on his personal phone. I've never had his personal number,”
I don't know what to believe anymore.  This is like when my girlfriend told me that she'd bought me tickets to Disney Land on my birthday but they weren't inside my card so I kicked her out the house and put all of her clothes in the oven, and put the cake she'd made me in the washing machine and exploded her car and gave her a punch in the vagina.

Later I found the tickets in an envelope they sent to the house.  I felt so silly