Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Harry Redknapp is gullible

Harry Redknapp is having his autobiography serialised in the Daily Mail at the moment which is interesting because I didn't know that dogs could type.

Good old Harry has been revealing his darkest secrets like that he thinks the FA are idiots because they didn't hire him as England boss BUT HE'S NOT BITTER but that they're all dicks, and slightly stranger stories like the one where some random Irish guy followed him around for three years pretending to be a jockey while Redknapp gave him lots of money.  Like here:
At one stage, the young man told Redknapp that he had been offered the chance to ride for the famous Godolphin stable in Dubai where he could win big prize money.
Then he explained that he could not afford the air fare. The Premier League manager lent him £500. ‘I never saw that again, prize money or not,’ he recalled.
Obviously Redknapp is just dictating the stories for this book and a Daily Mail writer is turning it into sensationalistic journo talk, which is why I think most of this is absolute bollocks.  He probably starts a story and then forgets what he's talking about half way through, reverting to a story line he heard on EastEnders the night before:
Weeks later Redknapp fielded a call from football agent Willie McKay who asked if he was still in touch with his friend ‘Lee Topliss’. ‘Yeah, he’s always ringing me, more losers than winners,’ said Redknapp.‘He’s not Lee Topliss,’ said McKay. ‘He’s a potman at a boozer in  Newmarket. He picks up glasses – he’s not a f****** jockey.’ Redknapp wrote: ‘Three years he’d had me. The best seat in the house, good restaurants, lifts here, there and everywhere – and heaven knows what in handouts.’
Now I've heard from some journalists in the past that Redknapp has a tendency to exaggerate, elaborate upon and change stories at random which is why I'm calling shenanigans.  No-one bad enough at life that your job is washing glasses in a pub in a pub should be smart enough to dupe a football manager into handing out free tickets and cash for three years.  Then again, Harry Redknapp can't read.  I'm fairly certain if you asked him to retell this story enough times, it would take place on the moon inside a panzer tank