Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Frimpong is shit because of racism

Emmanuel Frimpong hasn't been in the news for a while so he decided to tweet that the reason he wasn't getting in the Arsenal team is because everyone is racist.

The Arsenal midfielder took to his twitter battle horse and wrote:
“LOL I wanna laugh.  Sometimes I wish I was white and English.”
Because, as we all know, Arsenal is a hugely and notoriously whites only club, Frimpong's fears were  heard loud and clear by the powers that be.  Ex and current players like Thierry Henry, Alex Song, Patrick Vieira, Bacary Sagna, Lauren and Emmanuel Eboue have all agreed with the reserve team player that had they all been white and English, they would have actually gotten a game under Arsene Wenger.  As it is, they all faded away into anonymity, never to be seen again.

It's actually quite sad in a way that Frimpong just can't accept that he is truly shit football.  He later tweeted:
“not every tweet is football related. Goosh [sic]” and later, “Look what ever [sic] you read tomorrow has majorly been twisted. Is a joke what people will do to start controversy goodnight people.”
Stupid footballers make me angry.  Don't you understand what twitter is?  You're on it like 8 hours a day you cock.  It wasn't like you phoned up a radio station and then they misquoted you - you sat on your laptop and tried to be all passive aggressive forgetting that 800,000 people can read what you're doing.  And worst of all?  I bet he lied about LOLing.  I'm fairly sure that in Saudi Arabia that's a crime punishable by death.